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He then takes Phineas' gift with him, thanks the kids for doing Danville for him then leaves.

The next morning, Phineas and friends find gifts under their trees, all from Santa ("Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! In "Wizard of Odd", Santa is seen walking the The Yellow Sidewalk with aliens, Abraham Lincoln, and Sergei Kushnarov while Isabella (the good witch) was wanting them to take the sidewalk.

(Note that in several countries in Europe, Sinterklaas and Santa Claus are considered two entirely different characters, each with their own elaborate holiday.) It is unknown where he came from, but Santa is traditionally depicted as a festively overweight old man with a beard, who wears a red suit with white trim and a matching cap, black boots and a black belt. He lives at the North Pole in a large workshop staffed by elves which produces toys year round, and every Christmas Eve he sets out in a flying sleigh pulled by eight reindeer and delivers toys and other gifts to the children of the world out of the improbably large sack he carries with him, entering their houses by the chimney, filling their stockings, partaking of whatever food and drink the family left out for him, then leaving how he came in.

As the most prominent figure associated with Christmas, Santa Claus appears in many Christmas specials and movies, including several produced by Disney. In Santa's Workshop, Santa reads letters from children as he prepares for his big night.

This same version of Santa was seen again the following year in The Night Before Christmas as he embarks upon a home filled with children.

Santa was mentioned in the episode "Jolly Molly Christmas".

The Prep & Landing specials revolve around a special group of elves that prepare the homes that Santa, codenamed the "Big Guy", visits during the Christmas Eve night.

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Finkelstein, Mayor of Halloween Town, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Wayne, Lanny, Magee, Noel, Brandy Harrington, Mr.

Claus, Mickey and Donald, journey off to Mistletoe Mountain to rescue a stranded Santa. has in place to transport its agents to and from their lairs around the world. Santa saved Agent P later in the day by catching the electromagnet on his sleigh that Dr.

Traditionally, the reigning champions in major American team sports visit the White House when they're in Washington.… continue reading »

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