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22-Sep-2017 13:21

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DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): i just have to DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): got a questionanup (12/7/2006 PM): ya DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): wait DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): if you want to kiss me where will it be?

anup (12/7/2006 PM): i guess DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): hehehe yeah maybeanup (12/7/2006 PM): i hate u DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): i love you DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM):anup (12/7/2006 PM): why u do that huh!

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Our chat room works fine in all devices, it loads fast and takes very less KB(MB) to chat. DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): okayanup (12/7/2006 PM): accepted? DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): okay DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): *muah*anup (12/7/2006 PM): thanksanup (12/7/2006 PM): muahanup (12/7/2006 PM): hey sexy! DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): got no choice..i took a long leave last week..cause of kdanup (12/7/2006 PM): hows she? DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): its okay..thought about it too that u had fallen asleep DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): missed you jaan DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): it said request is pendinganup (12/7/2006 PM): but i dont have any request hereanup (12/7/2006 PM): i got it i got it! DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): okay..i'll miss you DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): *muah*DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): hey can we make 12-6-06 official? There are many clients with different sexual enjoyments and preferences we do not judge your sexual fantasy’s or preferences at all.

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