Homestuck dating sim

19-Feb-2018 20:30

Love Struck is a fan-made Homestuck Love Simulation game created by Lavi , Van , and Cheese .

This is one of the Admins working on a Homestuck Dating Simulator Project!! Basically, whats going to happen is we are going to make a dating simulator with all 8 of the kids, and Karkat’s team of trolls. This blog is going to be where we post some art from the project, maybe some possible parts from the script. We will answer what we can without giving anything away!

yes it’s been a long hiatus, but you are honestly going batshit insane.

is being developed in collaboration with What Pumpkin Studios under the supervision of Namco Bandai’s Shifty Look project.

Being produced under the supervision of Andrew Hussie, there is some established storytelling skills behind the upcoming project and all are waiting to see how Hussie can turn his hand for the next level magic. rather than good from NAMCO HIGH, which is excellent place to start partnership of two leading purveyors of imagination and full of longtime gamers – Namco Bandai Games Inc. Here in the game, you play as the Cousin to the Prince from the Katamari series, also get a chance to date bulk of other Namco Bandai characters ranging from Ni No Kuni to the Tales series; Dark Souls to Time and Eternity.

Free characters are: Among the total 18 dateable characters, player can date 6 characters for free, while another 12 characters are purchasable premium characters.

:) ~~IMPORTANT INFORMATION~~Due to needing to take on extra work to pay for school and technical difficulties, I was unable to complete the Demo when I thought I would. It ends just before the first decision, but it will give players a chance to see how the final product will look.Game lovers might have heard about Namco, as it is well-known name in video arcades also on home video game consoles.