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03-Feb-2018 06:09

According to some social media users, she was supposedly “raped by immigrants” in Finland, where so far no reports of sexual assaults linked to migrants or refugees have emerged.The photo actually shows Amy Ferris, a young Brit attacked by another woman in a Manchester bar in 2013.These fake and wrongly attributed images continue to be spread by social media users, who are determined to demonise refugees amid Europe’s contentious debate on migration. " "He is engaged with someone else - but I am so much in love with him!Many cities, including Munich and Berlin, have posted charts in numerous languages stating that women wearing skimpy bathing costumes are not telegraphing that they are available for sex and must not be touched inappropriately in any way.The 20-year-old, who had been taken to the Austrian swimming pool Theresienbad, pictured, to be taught how to integrate into his now community, was found guilty of serious sexual assault and rape of a minor and was sentenced to six years in jail.Videos purporting to show an ‘Arab game', the ‘Taharussh Gamea’ Fake videos have also flooded the Internet in the wake of the assaults in Cologne.One of them shows a crowd of men leading a screaming woman into the entrance of a subway station.

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In Sweden, police have also been accused of orchestrating a cover-up.

This image, which social media users said showed a bruised victim of “sexual violence in Stuttgart”, whipped up a storm on Twitter and Facebook.