Dating in arab countries dating in arab countries

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If a person talks disparagingly about a relative or speaks of private affairs to an outsider, he is frowned upon. There are parts designated to visitors and areas where guests are never invited to venture.

Often the house's construction allows female guests to meet wives and daughters in their apartments.

Countries which adhere to extreme interpretations of Sharia, such as stoning, capital punishment and cutting off the hands of thieves, tend to make headlines in the West.

This can cause the misconception that these actions are the norm. Families maintain tribal and clan connections in many countries and loyalties are strong, hence the expression, "I and my brothers against my cousins; I and my cousins against the stranger." People know and speak proudly of their genealogy.

When trying to understand Arabic values you need to take into account the effect of Islam on Arabian society.

Although there are other religious groups, the majority religion in the area is Islam, and it plays a central role in influencing culture.

In Arabic, Sharia means "the way" and it is the basis for all Arabic values.

According to the Islamic Supreme Council, Sharia is divided into five major sections: Each Arab country interprets Islamic law differently; some follow it more strictly than others.

Arabs are located in 22 principle countries situated in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).The Koran is its principle text, which Muslims believe god revealed to the Prophet Mohammed through the Angel Gabriel. Islamic law is also known as Sharia, and it has become part of the constitutions and secular laws of most countries.

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